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 WOCO Prime Meat processes beef weekly and hogs monthly.

Quarter, Half
or Whole

Half or Whole
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Woodson County Prime Meat Processing, Yates Center, Kansas. Deer, Buffalo, Goat, and Lamb processing
We also offer custom processing for
lamb, goat,
buffalo, and deer.
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What makes a great meal?
Fresh, quality meats!

Woodson County Prime Meat Processing Inc, Yates Center, Kansas. Yates Center Locker.Whether preparing a delicious meal for your family or planning a party for many, it wouldn't be great without the main course! Woodson County Prime Meat Processing, Inc. is your local source for fresh, quality beef and pork!

Locally Owned and Raised

You don't have to find a beef or hog to butcher, Woodson County Prime Meat buys locally from sources who corn-feed for 120 days to produce a more tender, better marbled, better grade of meat. 
WOCO Prime Meat's double-wrap packaging protects your fresh cuts and helps them keep better and longer in your freezer.  We also offer vacuum-packed wrapping (for an additional fee).

Processing orders for beef includes quarters, halves, or whole;  hog halves or whole.  Individual cuts and special package deals are available through our retail offerings.

Want it smoked?

Try our custom maple-flavored cure for bacon and hams on your hogs processed at WOCO Prime Meat.

Not just Beef and Pork

WoCo Prime Meat also offers processing for deer (season only), lamb, goats, and buffalo.  See our Custom Processing for more information.

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